Eddy van Wessel Photography
"Eddy van Wessel Photography"

The Netherlands
Cellular phone: +31 (0)6-53212641

Sweden, Nora
Cellular phone +46 (0)72 3252996

Photo: © Marianne Jonkheid

1996 Dutch photographer of the year
1996 and 1997 Severel nominations (e.g. Zilveren Camera)
1998 TLC Top Photo Web-Site Award
1999 3rd. price Dutch Photopress Award
1999 Zilveren Camera 3rd price foreign news series
2004 1st. price Dutch Press Photo Awards
2011 Zilveren Camera 2nd price foreign news series
2012 Zilveren Camera Winner!!
2013 First book published: "The Edge of Civilization"
2014 Zilveren Camera 2nd price foreign news series
2015 Zilveren Camera Winner for the second time!!!!!!!


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