Opel Frontera Wagon in Wales

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The Welsh Adventure

By: Erik-Jan Geniets.

Photography: Katinka Claus

For the dutch 'Opel Magazine' Katinka and I left with an almost brand new
Opel Frontera Wagon 3.2 Litre V6 to Wales in the U.K.. It had only done
9000 KM (5500 miles) with the Dutch national soccer team for the European
championships (UEFA)

The Opel Frontera is also badged Vauxhall Frontera, Isuzu Rodeo, Holden
or Honda, depending on the country. The purpose was off-road and
some general photography of the car and the area. At Opel (General Motors)
in the Netherlands they told us that it wouldn't matter if we damaged the
car while off-road driving. They wanted a left-hand drive 'Opel' car with
Dutch license plates (and good photography off-course) so we brought the car
with us to Wales. You will find some photo's here about our problems on the
Wye river bank and the great experience to do some photography at the
'Whitecliff Off Road Centre' in Coleford. I would suggest to anyone
interested in off-road driving: "GO there and DO it"
This story is about the 21 st. and 22 nd. of october 2000.

Wue River Monmouth
River Wye, partly dry. We immediately got stuck in the mud here.
In the background the ancient bridge and the city of 'Monmouth'

Jeep Cherokee
Katinka went for help and I stayed with the car.
(Lazy Bastard...............!!!)
First this guy spotted me and offered help with
his diesel powered Jeep. He didn't dare to go down
there (he'd seen what happened to us) but he had
a very long rope. We gave it a try but the Jeep had
not enough horsepower and grip to get the car out.

Range Rover
Katinka came up with those people and a
Range Rover. The Range Rover was put half way
down the river. A rope between the Range Rover and
the Opel. Another Rope from the Range Rover to the
Jeep on top of the bank, some muscle power and we
were finally released. It took about an hour but it
was fun after all. We were lucky though, the water
wasn't flooding.

The 'Whitecliff Off Road Driving Experience' has
all the possibilities to improve your skills.

Opel Frontera
Down in to it....

Opel Frontera
...'Down under'....

Opel Frontera
....and out again !
This one worked out fine, even with on-road tyres.

Opel Frontera
This one did not. We are stuck again. The wheels
were spinning and we are balancing on the fueltank
and chassis. A Land Rover from the center pulled me off.
We've damaged it a little, also the exhaust system had
some damage after the photo shoot.
On-road this is one of the finest cars I have ever driven.
At the end of this happening I said: "I'm surprised the car
didn't fall apart". One of the 'Whitecliff' instructers
responded: "We too !!!"

With Special thanks to the people of the
'Whitecliff Off Road Driving Experience'


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